Domestic Kittens


kat fair

Welcome to the home of Domestic Kat!

I am Kat and have set up this shop to feed my creativity and my fabric addiction. 

I have been sewing for about 9 years and was prompted to start by my lovely sister Fran. She showed me how to make my very first bag and from there it snowballed. I now make everything from bags to quilts and everything in between. If it is fabric and can be put through a sewing machine, I generally will make it. 

I am lucky enough to have an entire room in my flat dedicated to doing what I love. It is also a great place for hiding the new parcels of fabric as they arrive. 

I live with my, amazingly understanding husband, Craig and our cat Suzie, who is much less understanding. She continues to believe that the spare room is her bedroom. Silly moggy!

Thank you for visiting my store!